Tom Chambers Hyperlapse Showreel for 2019. This is a lot of my hyperlapse work from 2018 compressed into 2 minutes - including lots of london landmark shots for 'Celebs Go Dating' (E4), some slider shots for 'Inside the Tower' (Channel 5), some great projects with street artist Jim Vision including the launch of a Spider-Man PS4 game, the Ant Man & The Wasp film and street art festival Meeting of Styles. Other projects include a pop up coffee shop, Percol, a conference for EY, the May ball for Cambridge University, a set build video for Andy C at Wembley and a big video project for the Institute of Civil Engineers in Plymouth. All the video that you see is made up of thousands of manually taken photos and this video is the culmination of hundreds of hours of work - I hope you like it!

My Hyperlapse showreel showing most of the shots I had made up to the beginning of 2018


Meeting of Styles 2018

East London, at the Nomadic Community Gardens hosts Meeting of Style, with graffiti artists from all around the world. Hyperlapses and slow motion shot on Fuji X-H1

Halo Wars 2: Instant Hero

I worked with Director/Cameraman Sariel Heseltine on this interactive experience for the launch of the Xbox game Halo Wars 2. I provided the hyperlapses and motion controlled timelapses

Nioh Hyperlapse Trailer

This is a PlayStation trailer for the game ‘Nioh' - Sony used my hyperlapse footage of Jim Vision painting and merged it with game cut scenes


This was my debut hyperlapse video that I shot throughout December 2016, experimenting with the hyperlapse technique and trying to make London look as pretty as possible!

Google Play Store Mural

Working with Gramafilm, I shot hyperlapses for a Google Play Store mural being painted for an indie game competition

Garage Studios - "Stop Motion Promotion"

I made this timelapse/stop motion video while I was doing work experience at Garage Studios as part of my university course all the way back in 2010!

(Sorry for the low resolution and over the top DnB)

 The studio ceases to exist now, but this is a nice reminder to watch back - my time there was a great part of my university course in terms of real world knowledge!